From Twitter 04-26-2011 - Chasing Liberty
Or at least the illusion of independence
From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 02:44:38: @isners_girl lol i used to be on her forum
  • 02:46:31: @isners_girl god no it was probs like jo2005 or spikesbabyblues those were the onesw i tended to use back then
  • 02:53:43: @isners_girl one of my fave songs by her
  • 14:10:53: listening to tonight's glee songs and the quinn/rachel duet is amazing
  • 23:27:06: @Donelle85 hey hun, sorry i wasn't around much earlier. loads going on at home lol. all replied now though and long ones on the way :)

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