From Twitter 05-02-2011 - Chasing Liberty
Or at least the illusion of independence
From Twitter 05-02-2011

  • 03:22:39: this one man was not worth all the lives that were lost, in a war that most Brits didn't want to be part of
  • 03:38:28: Does this man remember that the US didn't do it all on their own?
  • 03:54:38: @blueyed_belle I know who he is Peggy, and i'm as glad as anyone that he's dead. But a lot of people are talki… (cont)
  • 03:54:56: @blueyed_belle and btw, I like Obama always have
  • 03:59:58: OK just to clarify, my last tweet wasn't to offend, just simply putting it out there that i've seen a lot o… (cont)

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